More than one true love?

One True Loves by Taylor Jenkins Reid

Lately I have been all about reading thrillers, but this book caught my eye in the library and I am glad because it was such a great contemporary romance novel. Emma Blair is the star of this story and we are immediately introduced to her predicament; she is with her fiance when she receives a phone call from her husband.  How does this happen? And no, it’s not some polygamy thing.

As the reader is taken back through Emma’s teen years, we meet Jesse and the story of their budding romance.  They decide to leave their small hometown on the East Coast, marry, and move to Santa Monica, CA (obviously I connected with this part!) and assume more adventurous lifestyles.  Jesse’s latest job involves him traveling and while en route, his plane crashes and it is assumed that no one has survived.  Emma, heartbroken and deeply depressed, returns back to the East Coast to be with the people she grew up with and knows best.  As she starts to heal and live her life, she runs into her high school friend Sam.  They rekindle a romance from high school that never was fully explored.

The novel progresses and we see how handle Emma handles the situation of realizing her husband is actually alive (miracle!) and she has two men she loves and must make a choice.  At first she tries to figure out who she loves most, but then she actually realizes who SHE is and how she has changed over the years.  I think the book is so relatable because we have all wondered “what if” and how things might be if we made another choice.  But are there such things as “right” choices? Or perhaps it was just….right for that time in your life?


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