Mother’s Little Helper

“How does a suburban housewife end up in rehab?”

My coworker lent me a copy of All Fall Down by Jennifer Weiner and I am so glad that she did! I don’t usually read books by Jennifer Weiner as I have always dismissed it as ‘chick lit’, but apparently I was missing out.

Allison Weiss looks like your average suburban mom/housewife who is excelling in all areas of her life.  But in order for her to do her full-time job as a blogger, attend to all of the needs of her ‘spirited’ daughter, have a semblance of a functional marriage, and caretaker of her ailing father – she must take prescription painkillers to get through her days.  At first it starts out with a few a day, but then soon turns to a few an hour.  She reaches the point where she spends thousands of dollars buying them illegally online and has to hide them from everyone.  The reader watches as the woman who is under the impression that the world will fall apart without her keeping all the pieces together comes to learn that her loved ones actually support HER through her crash & burn.

I think I was so drawn to this book because it is so easy to see how Alice fell down the rabbit hole, so to speak.  Women feel such intense pressure from society and themselves to make sure they are juggling all the balls in the air and not letting one slip, nor see them sweat. Also, did I mention this story takes place in Philadelphia? 🙂


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