The Girl Before

Please make a list of every possession you consider essential to your life.

You are involved in a traffic accident that you know is your fault. The other driver is confused and seems to think she caused the crash. Do you tell the police it was her fault or yours?

A person close to you confesses in confidence that they ran someone over while drunk. As a result they have given up drinking for good. Would you feel obliged to report it to the police?

Which relationship problem do you fear most? 1) getting bored 2) realizing you could do better 3) growing apart 4) your partner becoming dependent on you 5)Being deceived

No, this book isn’t a personality test but aren’t you already intrigued?? These questions are presented to the reader at the beginning of each new chapter and it is imitating an application full of questions that the owner of a very special house, One Folgate Street, has created.  It is very rare that the owner accepts the renter’s application and allows them to live in his house of perfection.  However, as the reader learns this house is not so perfect and is the setting for our two female protagonists. We have Emma who lived in the house in the years prior and Jane who is the current resident.  As always, I love how each woman’s perspective is presented alternatively and we switch from present and past. It is for sure a page turner because I HAD to learn how Emma died and how Jane’s story plays into it. Definitely going to be one of 2017 hottest books!


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