Small Great Things

Hi readers! I hope most of you are enjoying a day off from work on this President’s day! I couldn’t wait to write this review about Small Great Things by Jodi Piccoult.  I am sure a lot of you have read some of her other books but lately I haven’t been loving all of them – however, this one had me from the start.  We are presented with Ruth, an African American labor & delivery nurse, who has to make an ethical decision on whether or not she should intervene in trying to assist in saving a baby’s life.  The catch – the baby’s parents are white supremacists who have explicitly stated that Ruth is NOT to care for their baby.  What is a nurse to do when she is the only one in the room with a baby who is clearly in cardiac distress?! After she makes her decision she is charged with a crime and we are introduced to another narrator – Kennedy.  Kennedy is her defense lawyer and becomes heavily embroiled in the racial justice scene she was once ignorant/naive to.  Lastly, we have Turk – the white supremacist father of the baby.  Some of his chapters were truly shocking for me to read as there is such explicit, racially charged language.  All throughout the book it has you wondering ‘what will happen to Ruth?’ ‘Will she be convicted of this crime?’ The reader also becomes entwined in the racial prejudice that is pervasive in our society (that we can all most certainly relate to in this current political atmosphere) but somehow keeps you emotionally connected to all of the narrators. Go get this book!


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