Podcast Lovin’

Helloooo December! I thought I would try something different for this post and write about some of the podcasts I am currently loving.

  1. My Favorite Murder – This podcast reminds me of a Watch What Happens Live episode mixed with a little bit of an episode of 20/20.  The two hosts are hilarious and each episode they pick a favorite murder that occurred and give the details on the story.  It sounds twisted but it makes me LOL and is informative.  Ever since I read a book about Ted Bundy in 9th grade I have been that weirdo who watches Forensic Files all the time…whatever at least I am the friend that will keep you safe!
  2. Hidden Brain– This NPR podcast is a mix of sociology and psychology, all told by a great storyteller (with a fabulous accent) that will help satisfy your curiosity about the world and yourself.  For example, the latest episode titled “Snooki and the Handbag” talks about how we *think* we are aware of how celebrities and social media affect our daily choices (did you know that Abercrombie and Fitch paid ‘the situation’ from The Jersey Shore NOT to wear their clothes?! ha).  Each episode is about 30 minutes so its super easy to binge listen.
  3. Death, Sex & Money– Those are three topics we aren’t usually supposed to talk about, but this podcast explores all that plus more.  Some of the episodes have celebrities in it (like one of my favorites with comedian Michael Ian Black and his midlife crisis) and some are really heavy, like the interview with the mother who didn’t want to raise her Autistic child anymore.

Honorable Mention: Reality Life with Kate Casey – this is for everyone who has watched some form of reality tv and loves a good recap of it and interview with past stars (hello Danielle Staub from RHONJ). Also, gotta love me some Kate Casey because she moved from Philly to Orange County just like me 🙂 She’s snarky and hysterical.

Happy listening ♥


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