You’ll Grow Out of It

Jessi Klein is the co-creator of the hilarious show Inside Amy Schumer on Comedy Central and also has done various stints on SNL.  This memoir literally had me laughing out loud as I read it. Each chapter touched on something different for a 21st century woman coming-of-age.  For example, some chapters include: Anthropologie (and essentially how that store is the birthplace of Zooey Deschanel), her dating disasters with ‘cads’, the struggles of infertility and becoming pregnant at 40 (yes it can happen!), and how she came to be such a talented comedian.  Her tone is full of sarcasm and wit; while reading it I felt like I was hanging out with some of my gal pals from the East Coast – thus I have made Jessi Klein a friend in my head (whatever, no shame).

Here is an excerpt from a chapter titled Lingerie disussing the Victoria’s Secret shopping experience:

There is nothing in their catalog that sanctions what I do, which is to wear the same six pairs of basic Gap underwear in rotation for years until they start to resemble tattered old pirate flags.

If you find that funny then please pick up the book for more laughs!


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