Currently on my shelf…

Right now I have about three books that I have taken out from the library (side note: when I first moved out to California two years ago, I went to the library to get a library card on the second day. Even before I went to the DMV! Priorities)



The Hopefuls

Well, I was rather…hopeful about this book as I saw it recommended in many magazines but it fell short of my expectations.  Which I guess ties into the overall theme of the book.  It is based on a couple who lives in D.C. and the husband is trying to obtain a successful political career.  The story shows how politics reign over that city and influences the social dynamics between its inhabitants in a rather depressing way.  The reader observes the main characters’ marriage go through major bumps in the road and the weathering of friendships that may be rather superficial.  I have a lot of love for the city of D.C. but this book left me with a ‘blah’ feeling about politics, love, and friendship.


The Secret Life of Violet Grant

This book is what I am currently reading and simplyviolet cannot put down! The main character is Vivian Schuyler living in Manhattan in the 1960s and she is one feisty, budding journalist who is trying to make her mark in the man’s world of magazine writing.  Lucky for her, she has a rather enticing story to investigate as she unexpectedly receives a suitcase in the mail from an old great aunt.  Vivian never knew this great aunt, Violet Grant, but comes to research her life and learns Violet apparently murdered her husband in 1914. What I mostly love about this book is the strong women protagonists and the sassy ways they speak.  Also, a scandalous love affair doesn’t hurt!


Greetings from Utopia Park

I have yet to read this but I am excited to crack it open.  This memoir details the author’s utopiaexperience growing up in an isolated meditation community in the 80s and 90s.  She enjoyed the warm community feel that Maharishi’s “Heaven on Earth’ provided for herself, mother, and siblings, but as she got older she started to question the everyday tasks they were required to do and rebelled.  After dabbling in drugs and delinquency she then breaks free of the community and lives with her father in California. I am always interested in hearing about cult like communities/religions and how people get out of them (Hello Scientology!) .  If you have read this book or know of any other similar ones – let me know.


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